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6 Benefits of Pet Wellness Plans For Dog & Cats

If you're concerned about the expenses of taking care of your pet, there are some ways that you, as a pet parent, can make it more affordable. Our veterinarians in Lisle are here to inform you about the advantages of pet wellness plans and why you should think about choosing this option for your cat or dog.

What Are Some Benefits of Wellness Plans?

While it would be ideal for every pet owner to have pet insurance, several factors should be considered before choosing a policy. The cost, type of coverage, and your pet's health at the time of starting the policy can all significantly affect your monthly payments.

It's also worth noting that many pet insurance plans do not cover preventive and wellness care, such as routine vet checkups and vaccinations. These are critical for maintaining your pet's health and can help you avoid costly treatments and procedures down the line.

Budgeting With Pet Wellness Plans

The bundling of services in wellness plans and the fixed cost of these plans make budgeting more manageable than dealing with the cost of each service separately. Some ways in which wellness plans positively impact your budget include:

  • Can be paid monthly or annually
  • Usually includes discounts on certain products and services

Emergency Cost Coverage With Pet Wellness Plans

Although no pet owner wants their furry friend to suffer from an injury or illness, the unfortunate reality is that it can happen. In such cases, wellness plans can prove to be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to emergencies or urgent care needs. Wellness plans typically include a certain number of examinations covered in the plan, making it easier for pet owners to manage their pets' medical expenses.

Discounts With Pet Wellness Plans

Signing up your pet for a wellness plan is often more cost-effective than paying for each service separately throughout the year. Veterinary clinics typically offer a discount when bundling all of the services together. To determine whether a wellness plan is right for you, ask your local veterinarian about the cost comparison between covering each service individually versus the cost of a wellness plan.

Pet Wellness Plans Cover Routine Care

Pet owners who enroll their pets in wellness plans tend to be more diligent in bringing them for regular checkups. This is because the cost of these checkups is already covered in the wellness plan, and pet owners do not want to miss out on the services they have already paid for.

Wellness Plans Can Be Pet Specific

With wellness plans, you sign your pet up for the exact care they need for their size and type. This ensures your pet gets the care it needs while only paying for what you need.

Pet Wellness Plans Can Be Customized

At Green Trails Animal Clinic, our Wellness Plans cover canine companions and feline friends of all sizes, shapes, and ages. Most wellness plans have options for small, medium, large, XL, and giant dogs and cats and offer a range of preventive annual and biannual wellness procedures.

Senior cats and dogs, new puppies and kittens, and pets with chronic or recurring issues require routine vet care, including preventive vaccinations, early detection screenings, and physical examinations.

Wellness Plan Disadvantages

As with just about any decision, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing whether a wellness plan is right for you.

Frequency of use

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, subscribing to a wellness plan for your pet can be beneficial, even if they are young, healthy, or appear to be okay. While it is better to have coverage and not need it, we understand that healthcare decisions for our companion animals should be made with their best care in mind and a medical professional's advice. These personal decisions can differ from pet to pet, but we always recommend taking preventative measures to ensure their long-term health.

Need for additional coverage

Understanding what your veterinary clinic's wellness plans cover is essential. These plans are designed to provide your pet with ongoing preventive and wellness care and do not cover emergency or chronic healthcare needs, surgeries, or illnesses. Having an open and honest discussion with your veterinarian about your pet's needs and budget is crucial. In doing so, you can learn more about the best fit for you and your animal companion.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

To find out more about how wellness plans at Green Trails Animal Clinic can help make routine care more affordable, contact our Lisle vets today.

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