The Safest Possible Surgical Procedures

An Experienced Veterinary Team Provides Peace of Mind

Should your pet need advanced care, you can entrust your friend to a team of skilled veterinary surgeons who perform hundreds of routine animal surgeries each year as well as more unique veterinary procedures. We offer basic procedures such as spaying and neutering, as well as lump removal services. At Green Trails Animal Clinic, your pet is ensured the safest anesthesia, a sterile environment, and monitoring by trained veterinary technicians during and after their surgery. For your best friend’s comfort, Green Trails Animal Clinic features a heated animal recovery area with skylights for natural lighting.


Animal Cryosurgery is a convenient, in-clinic veterinary treatment for a number of animal diseases and disorders, especially skin conditions. The treatment uses Liquefied Nitrous Oxide to rapidly freeze unwanted tissue and lumps. Animal Cryosurgery may not require anesthesia and takes only a matter of minutes for the entire veterinary procedure. The technique is often used to treat animal tumors in locations where conventional veterinary surgery would be difficult or impossible, such as some tumors of the mouth. Cryosurgery can also remove highly irritating tumors or lesions, which the animal is constantly biting, licking, or scratching. Elderly animals benefit from cryosurgery to remove tumors or infected itchy lesions, because they can be considered a high risk for general anesthesia.