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Dental Cleaning Special

Due to client requests, we are continuing our dental cleaning special into 2014. Get your pet's teeth shiny clean for all those candid cell phone photos!


For a dental appointment, please call 630.369.9666.

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Heartworm: Prevention Is The Best Policy

Animal Heartworms can be deadly, yet they are very easy to prevent in your dog or cat. With all of the veterinary resources available to prevent this disease, no pet should ever contract it.


Signs of heartworm include coughing, fainting, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. Animals may have heartworm for several years before showing any sign of the disease, and when signs finally occur, the heart and pulmonary arteries are often so full of worms that heartworm treatment becomes very risky.


The easiest way to keep your pet from getting this disease is to prevent infection. Get more information on animal heartworms and other hot topics or visit the Heartworm Society.


Only animal heartworm products purchased from veterinarian clinics are backed by the manufacturers’ guarantees.


Protect your best friend all year round – call 630.369.9666 to pick up your pet’s heartworm prevention medication!